As an attorney, Randa Reiff Shea's specialty isn't exactly a specialty. You might say she specializes in diversity. Randa's diverse skills have led her to craft a blended practice, mixing subrogation and collection on one hand with insurance and health care defense and plaintiff's personal injury on the other hand. But whatever kind of case she is taking on, Randa handles it with the same determination from pre-litigation through appeal.

That determination serves her in other venues as well, as some of her greatest successes have been cases resolved outside the courtroom through arbitration or mediation. Indeed, Randa knows well that lawsuits can be costly both financially and psychologically, which is why she thoroughly appreciates forms of alternative dispute resolution that are faster, more affordable and less stressful than typical litigation. This commitment to her clients' peace of mind is also what drives Randa to offer her services as an arbitrator in the court annexed program.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Randa grew up in the Scottsdale area. She pursued economics at Stanford University, graduating in 1979. But her perspective was broadened considerably outside the classroom as well: Some of her best college experiences — both academic and otherwise — emerged from a junior year in college spent in Paris, France. She returned to Arizona for law school, graduating from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1982.

Contrary to her parents’ expectations — and perhaps her own — she moved to Las Vegas following graduation from law school. After she launched her legal career in Las Vegas as a law clerk in a firm whose practice was split between personal injury and malpractice defense, she became an associate in the insurance defense/subrogation firm then known as Edwards, Hunt, Pearson & Hale. She was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 1983, after passing the Arizona bar the previous summer. She joined Randy Patton and Niels Pearson in 1985 one year after the formation of their new firm. She became a partner in 1988 in that firm, which came to be known as Pearson, Patton, Shea, Foley & Kurtz. She continued to practice insurance-related litigation with a special interest in medical malpractice defense until what she likes to call the "20-plus year itch" developed. That fateful itch led to the formation of Patton, Shea & Kiraly. While Randa continued to practice insurance and malpractice defense at Patton, Shea & Kiraly, she also wove back into her days the strands of her former interests in plaintiff personal injury, collections and subrogation.

The next time an itch developed Randa was age 55 with an empty nest. Randa opened a solo practice in the fall of 2012 and has since found that the greatest joy of being a solo practitioner is that she gets to pick which 18 hours per day she wants to work. All kidding aside, Randa enjoys the self reliance involved in solo practice as well as the necessary close attention to all details.

Randa also enjoys sharing her expertise with the wider community. She's spoken about a broad range of subjects from medical malpractice lawsuits to risk management at a number of conventions and to a variety of professional organizations. Randa has been a breast cancer survivor since 1994 and has been "fighting back" against all kinds of cancer by being an American Cancer Society volunteer since 1996. While Randa understands that compromise and negotiation are invaluable components of the legal process, she understands, just as deeply, that there are times when perseverance and determination are what win the day.